What Redditch BID could deliver for our town centre?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area in which the local businesses have voted to invest together, to improve their local trading environment. A BID will provide additional services, identified by the local businesses, using a variety of consultation methods, to enhance the performance of businesses in the district. BIDs are business-led organisations. There are over 300  in the UK.


A BID charge (known as a levy), is used only within the BID area, unlike business rates which are paid into and redistributed, by Government. It brings additional services and not replacement services. A BID company is a not-for-profit initiative.


Typical benefits of a BID could include:


  • Increased footfall

  • Improved staff retention

  • Enhanced marketing strategy for promotion of the town

  • Businesses decide and direct what they want for the BID area

  • BID levy money is only used within BID area

  • Giving the businesses in the BID area a coherent and united voice

  • Long term investment

  • Economic growth

  • Assistance in dealing with council, police and other public bodies


Revitalise Redditch is the proposed BID for Redditch town centre.  

What is a BID?


Download our Business Plan here

Ballot voting period

First day of ballot: 28th June 2019

Last day of ballot: 25th July 2019


High-quality public events throughout the year

Positive PR and marketing coverage

Collaborative and partnership working

Combined voice

Come and see us for a coffee and chat in the
Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Milward Square
outside Coffee#1


18th June

8am -10am

21st June

3pm - 5pm

25th June 

8am - 10am

28th June

3pm - 5pm

Thank you for your engagement 

Feasibility Study and Planning Survey

Over 200 responses representing businesses in the town centre, 50% of all the businesses in the town centre.

Engagement from 12 of the top 20 levy contributing businesses in the town centre

Workshops with key stakeholders through the
Town Centre Partnership

Networking events

We have held organising network events for businesses to come along to.

Case Studies


Watford BID

Newcastle-under-Lyme BID Ltd

Chairmans statement

A Business Improvement District (BID) for Redditch is now vital. Not only does our town face challenges from out-of-town shopping and online, but also from other centres locally. Stratford, Worcester, Solihull and Northfield all have BIDs plus Kinderminster were also recently successful.


Greater Birmingham has more BIDs per head that any other place in the country per business. Redditch cannot afford to be left behind.


Our competitors are benefiting in many ways by having BIDs, primarily because they have a business voice that speaks up for their community and delivers projects that
their businesses want. Over the past twelve months, the town centre has engaged with the business community.  


With £1,400,000 of investment in our town over the next five years, the BID will provide more events, a stronger marketing presence and a voice that shouts about all of the great things that are happening. Now is the time to vote YES to Revitalise Redditch.


Best wishes

Ken Williams

Chair of Redditch BID Steering Committee


*For more BID info visit britishbids.info

How​ ​can​ ​I​ ​find​ ​out​ ​more​ ​information?

Email us via hello@redditchbid.co.uk.

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